10 Thoughts I had After Reading the List of Grammy Nominees this Year.

As many of you know, the list of Grammy Nominees was announced this morning.

Each year it seems the list of those up for the prestigious award, is always one that triggers analysis, discussion and often times debate.

This year is no different. 

There were definitely some predictable selections. Obviously, it came as no shock that Beyoncé and Adele would receive recognition for their incredible albums. Each of these powerhouses not only racked up an impressive number of total nominations, but both also received nods for Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Record of the Year. 

I myself had a little more fun finding parts of the list I disagreed with, or scrolling down the list and being pleasantly shocked by some of the names I was seeing. 

First: Let’s address what we all thought upon initially reading the list. Can someone tell me who TF Sturgill Simpson is? The answer in short: Country singer. His album is titled A Sailor’s Guide to Earth. It is his 3rd album. He is a 38-year-old Kentucky native. He’s often described as a “Nashville outsider” . And I’m pretty positive, though I’m not 100% sure, he’s GOTTA be just as shocked as we are to be in this category…. Not trying to discredit his album, which I’m sure is amazing (though I can honestly say I haven’t listened yet), but I’m almost positive he had to be the most Googled name today. Learn more about him here.

Second: I don’t think I’ve ever felt more excitement for an artist, than I do for Chance the Rapper this year. 7 nominations!? I mean…not only an incredible feat for any artist, but what people may not realize is that not only is he not signed to a major label, he also made history being the first album available only via streaming to ever receive a nomination. Like.Fucking.Wow. To see him post Grammys with an armful of trophies would be a true moment in history. 

Third: Coming in a close second to my excitement for Chance, is the pride I feel seeing fan favorites like Bryson Tiller, Ro James and Anderson .Paak on the list. R&B is alive! 

Fourth: Fat Joe and Remy Ma!? YASSSSSSSS for All the Way Up!!!! Well deserved as that song was everywhere this summer, though I must admit I was surprised by this one. To see Remy make this sort of a return after her stint in prison, just goes to show that if you work your ass off and deliver, people won’t forget. 

Fifth: Alessia Cara….Where TF are you? No Best New Artist? Like, I’m confused. 

Sixth: Kanye was disrespected in my opinion. As a true and die-hard fan of Kanye West, despite all of the negative media attention and frequent outbursts, I was disappointed that The Life of Pablo was not in the Album of the Year, or any other major, category. 

Seventh: Also…MYA…get it girl….That was SHOCKING.

Eighth: While I did want to jump out the window and question all I’ve ever known when I only saw Solange’s name appear on this list ONCE…. I feel like there may be a bigger plan in play here. (Maybe she’ll perform or something????) I just really thought that with the LOVE people had for this album and its videos, that she would have received more than a Best R&B performance nominee. Critically acclaimed, fan fave, on target with the times etc. etc. Still, the red carpet glam’s about to be lit though. 

Ninth: Frank Ocean SMH. I get that he wanted to take a stand against the “infrastructure of the awarding system and the nomination system” because he thinks “it’s dated”, as per an interview with the New York Times…but what about us FRANK!? What about us? 

Tenth: Finally. David Bowie (& Prince) better be getting some sort of monumental tribute. Like…no posthumous Album of the Year nomination for Bowie? Definitely thought that was an easy pick, but….the Grammys Strike Again! 


Tune in on February 12th to CBS for the Grammy broadcast and catch the full list of nominees here.  



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6lack (pronounced Black btw) releases video for “Ex Calling”!

6lack has to be one of my favorite new artists.

He just dropped his video for Ex Calling today. Since his project Free 6lack dropped on November 18th, the Atlanta native has been generating a ton of buzz.  His lead song off of the album, PROBLMS, is already up to an impressive 6.6 million streams on Spotify.


Video Source: Universal/6lack Vevo